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    First let me say that I adore all things Chihuly! He has several pieces on display in Columbus, OH most of them being at the Franklin Park Conservatory, and I fell in love with his work while I was living there for 8+ years.
    And second, these pumpkin pancakes look like the perfect fall weekend brunch to me! 🙂

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      I had never seen his work before. I sat for 30 minutes looking at all of the glass balls he had in a large boat. Absolutely amazing! I know too if you try those pancakes you’ll love them.

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    Sounds like an action packed weekend! What fun. It sure is nice to cook at home after eating out for several meals, though and I bet your cousin loved these pumpkin pancakes! I sure would 🙂

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    Pumpkin pancakes are the best! I made some this past week and Don and I are obsessed and Madison was super jealous! I will definitely be making them again!

    You’ve been up to so much fun stuff! That blown glass exhibit is gorgeous. I think that might be the one they had when I was in Seattle a couple years ago. Truly amazing!

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    The Dale Chihuly collection in St. Petersburg looks amazing! The sculptures must have been spectacular in person! and these pancakes looks fantastic – especially with the addition of apple cider -what a great idea!

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