Crepes filled with Strawberries and Cream

Crepes filled with Strawberries and Cream

Basic Crepes:

3 eggs separated

3/4 C. flour

1 C. milk

2 T. oil

1 t. sugar

1/8 t. salt

Beat egg whites until stiff, set aside. In a bowl, combine flour, egg yolks, milk, oil, sugar and salt. Beat with a mixer until blended. Fold in egg whites.

Heat a lightly greased 6 inch skillet. Spoon in 2 T. of batter, lift and tilt pan to spread batter. Return to heat, brown on one side. Repeat with remaining batter to make 20 crepes.


1 C. heavy cream

1/2 t. vanilla

4 T. sugar

3 C. fresh sliced strawberries

Beat the cream until it thickens. Add in the sugar and vanilla. Continue beating until stiff peaks form.

To serve:

Spoon the whipped cream down the center of the crepe. Top with strawberries and roll the crepe. Place seam side down on a plate. Top with a dollop of cream and a few more strawberries.


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