Caramel S’mores

Caramel S’Mores

9 whole honey graham crackers
1 milk chocolate candy bar
12 large marshmallows
1/2 cup caramel sauce

Light a campfire and collect 6 thin green sticks, at least 2 feet long, to use as skewers. Break each graham cracker in half to make a total of 18 squares. Separate chocolate bar into 12 rectangles.

Let each camper make his/her own s’more: Set 3 graham cracker squares on a plate near the fire. Top 2 of the crackers with a piece of chocolate. Have caramel sauce nearby.

Skewer 2 marshmallows onto each stick. Toast marshmallows over hot coals until golden brown on the outside and soft in the center.

Set each toasted marshmallow on a chocolate-topped graham cracker.

Spoon a little caramel sauce over each marshmallow. Stack one topped cracker on top of the other, then top those with a third cracker. Eat immediately.

Makes 6 s’mores, for 6 servings.

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