North Carolina Pulled Pork

North Carolina Pulled Pork

5 lbs. Boston butt pork roast

1 T. coarse salt

1 T. fresh ground pepper

1 T. paprika

3 C. hickory chips soaked in cold water for 1 hour

Mix spices together and rub them into the pork.

Set up your grill for indirect cooking. Preheat it to 350°F. Set the roast over a drip pan. Place hickory chips in a smoker box if you are using a gas grill. If using charcoal throw the hickory chips directly on the fire.

Close the grill and check it ever hour to add more hickory. It will take about 4 – 5 hours to cook the pork. The internal temperature needs to reach 195°F.

Place the cooked roast on a cutting board and let rest for 15 minutes. Remove any fat. Using 2 forks shred the meat into fine stands. Place the pork in a large pan and add 2 cups of the sauce to help keep the pork moist. Cover and put back on the grill over low heat until ready to serve.


3/4 C. water

1 1/2 C. cider vinegar

1 onion thinly sliced and chopped

1 1/2 T. coarse salt

1 T. hot pepper flakes

1 t. freshly ground black pepper

3 T. sugar

1 T. butter

Add the onions to a pan with the butter and saute until soft. Add remaining ingredients and heat until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and cool.


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