Mock Filet Mignon

Mock Filet Mignon

4 beef flank steak rolls

1/2 t. garlic salt

4 strips bacon

1/2 t. pepper

1 T. olive oil

Have butcher cut 4 flank steak rolls (they are also known as pinwheel steaks). Flatten them slightly with the heel of your hand.

Wrap with bacon strips and secure with toothpicks. (It may be necessary to use more than one strip of bacon to completely circle steak.)

Rub tops of steaks with olive oil. Then sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper. Reserve a small amount of garlic salt for pan.

Heat a large heavy pan or griddle (preferably cast iron) until very hot. Sprinkle with reserved garlic salt and pan broil until done to your taste.

Remove from pan; discard bacon and toothpicks. Serve hot.

Serves 2.

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