T-Bone with Peppercorns and Maitre D Butter

T-Bone with Peppercorns and Maitre D Butter

4 12 oz. t-bone steaks

2 T. black peppercorns

1 T. white peppercorns

1 T. green peppercorns

1 T. red peppercorns

1/2 T. szechwan peppercorns

Coarse grind all peppercorns. (If you don’t have a grinder you can use a cutting board and a pan with a flat bottom. Press on peppercorns with the pan until coarsely ground) Have steaks at room temperature and lightly season with salt. Press peppercorns into both sides of the steaks.

Using the grill or a grill pan, cook 5 minutes until golden brown. Turn and cook 5 minutes more until cooked medium or desired doneness.

Note: You can tell when a steak is cooked to medium by touching the fat part of the palm of your hand under your thumb. Poke your hand and when the steak feels like that it is done to medium.

Maitre d Butter

1/2 lb. butter at room temperature

2 cloves garlic minced very fine

2 T. chopped shallot

3 T. chopped parsley

2 T. chopped roasted red pepper

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Place mixed butter on a piece of waxed paper or parchment paper and form into a log. Place in refrigerator and chill. Leftover butter can be frozen up to 3 weeks.

Place 1 T. butter on each steak just before it is served.

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