“Pretzel Battered Chicken”

Pretzel Battered Chicken

Chicken Breast Tenderloins
I large bag of salted pretzels
3 or 4 eggs (depends on how much chicken you are cooking)

In large frying pan add your desired amount of veg. oil.
(Bobby Flay said never be afraid to fry it on High heat–cooks faster rather than sitting on lower heat, the chicken would soak up more oil.)

In a double, durable plastic bag or ziplock—put plenty of pretzels in bag and beat them down with hammer or whatever until it starts looking like bread crumbs with pretzel pieces. Note: if bags are not tough or durable, bag will get tiny holes in it. Put it medium bowl

Crack open your eggs and mix well * Put it medium bowl

Once oil is hot

Dip chicken in egg THEN dip in Pretzel batter

Place in hot frying pan until light brown on both sides

*of course check to be sure chicken is not pink inside anywhere!

*****For side dish, Bobby Flay suggested, fresh leaf spinach with a bit of olive oil, pinch of salt. Fresh leaf spinach does not take long at all to cook (like 1 min or so!), so prepare this last. Also, we had yellow mustard potato salad as well (which can be bought anywhere)–here in the South we buy it at the Walmart deli.

Submitted by Pam
Pensacola, FL

“I watched Bobby Flay prepare this simple yet delicious recipe on CBS The Early Show.  It’s perfect for kids who are picky eaters!  I made it for my family that very evening—they enjoyed it so much!  VERY easy to make and perfect for quick dinner.”

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