Easy Chocolate Black Forest Trifle

Easy Chocolate Black Forest Trifle

1 box chocolate cake mix, your favorite

2 cans cherry pie filling

1 lg. container Cool Whip thawed

2 boxes instant chocolate pudding

1 chocolate bar (for garnish)

Bake your cake according to the directions;
made, preferable in 2 8-in. cake pans.
Mix pudding as instructed on box and set aside.

After cake has cooled, take your trifle bowl
and put a bit of pudding in the bottom. Next add a layer of cake pieces.

Next, spread on half the remaining pudding. Next, pour on a can of pie filling, then half the Cool Whip. Repeat layers, ending with Cool Whip.

Save a few cherries to put on the top and then shave a chocolate bar over the top.


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