Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake

8 eggs

3 T. Grand Marnier or other orange-flavored liqueur or cognac

1 1/2 lbs. semisweet baking chocolate, melted and cooled slightly

2 1/2 C. whipping cream, whipped

Preheat oven to 260°F. Grease and flour inside of 10 inch cake pan that is at least 2 inches deep. Set aside.

In large bowl, whip eggs and Grand Marnier together. Slowly add chocolate. Gently fold in cream and mix well. Pour mixture into prepared pan and set pan into center of oven.

Bake 2 hours or until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean and cake pulls away from sides of pan.

Remove from oven and cool completely. Center of cake will fall slightly after it cools. Refrigerate about 30 minutes, then invert onto a serving platter. Garnish cake with rosettes made of your favorite chocolate ganache or frosting and/or serve with vanilla or chocolate sauce if desired. Makes 12 to 16 servings.

Note: Unlike cakes with flour, the consistency of this cake is very moist, almost fudgelike.


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