Stuffed Baked Potato

Stuffed Baked Potato

4 large baking potatoes

4 T. butter

1/2 C. chopped onion

1/4 C. chopped roasted red pepper

1/2 C. chopped ham

4 t. fresh chopped chives

1/2 C. sour cream

2 T. cream or milk

1/2 C. cheddar cheese shredded

Scrub potatoes and pierce with a knife. Set potatoes in oven at 400°F. and bake for about a hour, or until potatoes are tender when pierced with a fork. Cool slightly.

Saute onion in 1 T. butter until translucent. Add ham, roasted pepper.

Cut off tops and scoop potato pulp with a spoon. Do not pierce skin.

Chunk up lightly the potato. Add onion, ham mixture. Add sour cream, chives, salt and pepper to taste. Add enough cream to moisten.

Stuff the mixture into the potato shell, mounding slightly. Top with cheddar cheese.

Bake again at 400°F. until potatoes are hot. Serve immediately.

Serves 4.

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