Mamie Eisenhower Fudge

Mamie Eisenhower Fudge

This recipe is a original “Lunatic Fudge” variation of Mamie Eisenhower Fudge. It’s simple to make, sets up very nicely without refrigeration, and has an excellent taste and texture. Don’t be surprised if your friends tell you this is the best fudge they’ve ever had in their life.

[Note: this makes A LOT of fudge, use a very large saucepan for boiling.]

1/4 cup Butter (1/2 stick, chilled)
4 3/4 cup Sugar
12 oz Evaporated Milk (one large can)

12 oz Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (one bag)
11.5 oz Milk Chocolate Chips (one bag)
13-14 oz Marshmallow Creme or Marshmallow Fluff (two 7 oz. jars)(may substitute 4 cups of mini-marshmallows)
2 cup Nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, chopped -or- 8 oz. bag)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Butter Flavor

Line a 13″ x 9″ pan with aluminum foil, butter the insides, and set aside. Place chips, vanilla & butter flavor, about half the marshmallow creme, and nuts into a LARGE saucepan or Pyrex glass dish and set aside.

Use Medium heat to bring the milk and sugar to a rolling boil while stirring constantly with a wooden spoon or single stem hand mixer. Add half the marshmallow creme (or 2 cups of mini-marshmallows) – fold in – the boil will stop. Bring back to a rolling boil and continue to boil for [8] full minutes by the clock (start timing once the marshmallows have melted and the boil has resumed). The mixture will expand and start to turn brown during the boil. If you get brown flakes in the mixture then turn down the heat a little and continue stirring.

Remove from heat, mix in the butter, and pour hot mixture over chips, vanilla, and nuts without scraping the sides of the hot saucepan. Mix thoroughly and pour into prepared pan. Cool 2-3 hours at room temperature. Remove from pan, remove foil, cut into squares. Store in an airtight container with wax paper dividers for up to 2 weeks. Makes about 4 pounds of fudge.


THE STUFF GROWS: After adding the marshmallow creme to the hot milk/sugar solution, the volume will expand to almost twice the original volume. So use a sufficiently large sauce pan (4 quart or better). As the boil continues, the volume will begin to contract. Stirring is important to help distribute the heat throughout the mixture and prevent scorching. Remember, this recipe calls for two [2] sauce pans… one to boil and one to mix.

SPLIT THE MARSHMALLOW: Add half the marshmallow creme to the hot mixture (one of the two 7 oz. jars). Splitting the amount helps keep the texture creamy. Add the second 7 oz. at the end of the boil. [However, if you want to add all the marshmallow creme to the hot mixture it will still work fine.]

YOU CAN SUBSTITUTE: If you don’t have access to Milk Chocolate Chips then you may use 24 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate chips – though it has a stronger chocolate taste. You can also use 22-24 oz. of White Chips for an excellent Vanilla Fudge. I usually substitute 2 large Hershey’s Chocolate bars (7 oz each) for the Milk Chocolate Chips. Don’t be shy about substituting mini-marshmallows for the marshmallow creme.

MAKE HALF A BATCH: You may cut the recipe in half (using exactly 1/2 the amount of everything) but the boil time must be reduced to [5] full minutes by the clock. I would also recommend a 9″ x 9″ pan. You can also substitute 5 oz. of evaporated milk (one small can) for 6 oz. (half a large can).

PERSEVERE: This is a much more liquid mix (more ‘soupy’) than other fudge recipes and you might get discouraged midway. Keep going. I’ve nearly given up several times only to have it set extremely well once cast.

DON’T PANIC: If you use a candy thermometer (and this recipes *does not call for a candy thermometer*) the temperature will not reach the normal 232-236°F found in other fudge recipes. It will attain something around 220-224°F. Don’t panic! This is a whole different way of making fudge. The mixture will set once cast.

* STORAGE: Fudge will keep for up to two weeks at room temperature. You’ll need to store it wrapped in waxed paper (cut it up into reasonable segments) and in an airtight container. Fudge will keep frozen for up to six months. When freezing fudge you’ll need to wrap in waxed paper, store in a double-airtight containter. I use double freezer Baggies. Thaw fudge at room temperature in its air-tight container… it will take most of one day.

* SOFTNESS: This produces a medium-hard fudge. If you prefer a softer fudge (or if the weather is especially dry on the day you make the fudge… like snowing or you live in the desert) then boil for only [7] minutes instead of the recommended [8] minutes. Conversely, if you’d like a firmer fudge (or if the weather is especially damp on the day you make fudge) then boil for [9] minutes instead of the recommended [8] minutes.


SEE’S CANDY VARIATION: * SPLIT THE MARSHMALLOW CREME* Add half the marshmallow creme to the hot mixture (one of the two 7 oz. jars) when called for. Splitting the amount helps keep the texture creamy and give it a more “fluffy” texture. When the boil is complete add the butter, chocolate chips, butter flavor, nuts, and vanilla directly to the hot slurry and mix until mostly melted (but no more than 30 seconds). Now dispense the remaining marshmallow creme onto the surface and fold in several times – but not completely mixed. Let sit for about 3 minutes undisturbed. Now stir like crazy to dissolve any unmelted chips and marshmallow creme. Turn out into waiting pan.

Recipe Origina 1997 T. Skaarup.

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