1. says

    This recipe looks wonderful. I always have bananas I’m looking to use up. I will agree, if you have embraced buttermilk and White Lily Self Rising Flour you can call yourself a “southerner”. I grew up using White Lily but had to have my mom bring it to me when we were in PA and even now that we live in Texas, you can’t get it here. Happy Baking!

    • Mary Ellen says

      Hi Danita, I have surely embraced them, I look for buttermilk recipes because I love baking with it. I’m actually a northern girl, raised in Michigan but been in the south for over 5 years now. Love it! Isn’t it funny how we crave certain things. For me it is Kogel’s hot dogs from Michigan. Only time I ever eat them. The cashiers at the store always say something when I get 6 packages of them to bring home about you must be from the south.

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