Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

6 C. French bread cubes, toasted

2 C. half-and-half

3 large eggs, lightly beaten

1 1/2 C. sugar

1 (15-oz.) can pumpkin

1/2 C. raisins

1/2 C. chopped pecans, toasted

3 T. butter or margarine, melted

2 t. pumpkin pie spice

1 t. grated orange rind

Whipped cream (optional)

Place bread cubes in a lightly greased 11 x 7 x 1 1/2 inch baking dish. Pour half and half over bread cubes.

Stir together eggs and next 7 ingredients, and gently fold into bread cube mixture.

Bake at 350 F for 50-60 minutes or until set. Serve with whipped cream if desired.

Yield: 8 servings


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