Southwestern Meatloaf

Southwestern Meatloaf
this is the large version that I make, you may need to cut it down unless feeding a crowd!

2 3+ pound packages of ground beef
1 pound of fresh HOT ground sausage
4-6 eggs
a diced onion
a diced red pepper
a small can of diced jalapenos
about a half cup of ketchup
about a cup of salsa
a few shakes of tabasco
a few dashes of cilantro
salt and pepper
a crushed head of garlic
a tablespoon-ish of grated unsweetened chocolate
a couple teaspoons cinnamon
a 16 ounce can of beef or vegetable broth
2 cups or more shredded cheese – a combination of monterey jack, colby and sharp cheddar usually

Mix all together and then add enough “breading” to get a good meatloaf consistency. For breading use a combination of crushed tortilla chips, torn up white bread, and oatmeal – about 3-4 cups for this size recipe.

Pack into a large pan like a lasagna pan (sprayed with cooking spray first).

Arrange on top: slices of olives, cherry tomatoes and diamonds of cheese.

Bake at 375°F for about an hour and a half, covered with tin foil except for the last 10 minutes – add dollups of sour cream on top just before serving.

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