Salmon Bake with Wild Rice

Salmon Bake with Wild Rice

1 filet of Atlantic Salmon
Coarse salt … (sea salt preferred)
1 medium size onion
1 small tomato
Parsley leaves (to your flavor)
Kraft 3 Cheese Peppercorn Salad Dressing
1 Cup of Wild Rice
1 lemon
1 tablespoon of granulated garlic
pinch or two of garlic
3 or 4 lettuce leaves

Prepare Wild Rice in a small pot. Add two and one half cups of water. Add one teaspoon of salt. Add some granulated garlic and a pinch of black pepper. Bring to boiling. Turn down heat to low and stir often.

Take filet of Salmon and rub with sea salt – on both sides. Lay out skin side of filet on large cut aluminum tin foil. Spread out some Peppercorn dressing on the top of the filet. Dice onion and spread over the top of the dressing. Dice one tomato and spread over the top. Spread out parsley leaves over top of filet. Sprinkle pepper over mixture. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and pour over the filet.

Be careful to have the foil tucked up to avoid mixture spilling out.

Wrap filet with the foil all around. Make sure entire filet is covered in foil.

Start the BBQ in the back yard. Place the foiled filet on the grill on high heat. Turn over after about 10 minutes.

Open one side and check that the filet flakes easy and is cooked through. Check using your fork. Place on a serving dish with the top open.

You may want to add a little lemon juice or any other seasoning you like over the filet for flavor if required.

On a separate dish, lay out three or four lettuce leaves and pour cooked Wild Rice in the center.

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