Bread Butter Pickles

Bread and Butter Pickles

4 quarts sliced medium cukes (about 25)

3 cups sliced onions (about 4 medium)

2 green peppers, chopped (or 1 red and 1 green)

1 cup cauliflower floweret’s (optional)

3 cloves garlic, sliced

1/3 cup canning salt

5 cups sugar

3 cups cider vinegar

1-1/2 tsp. turmeric

1-1/2 tsp. celery seed

2 Tbsp. mustard seed

hot red pepper flakes (optional)

Combine cucumbers, onions, cauliflower, pepper, and garlic. Add salt; cover with cracked ice; mix thoroughly. Let stand three hours, drain well. Combine remaining ingredients, pour over cucumber mixture. Heat just to a boil. Seal in hot, sterilized jars.

Source: Recipe is originally from an old Better Homes & Gardens cookbook in 1983. I bring the brine mixture to a boil, then add the cucumbers to it–maybe that cooks them a little less? I also process the jars in a boiling water bath for 10-15 minutes or so to ensure a seal; does not affect the crispness of the product.

Yield: 7-8 pints.

Blue Ribbon Winner at the Minnesota State Fair in 1983, 1984

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