Jamaican Curry Dumplings

Jamaican Curry Dumplings

1 lb. ground pork

1 green onion, finely chopped

1 T. minced ginger

2 T. minced red bell pepper

1 small carrot, minced

2 to 3 T. prepared curry paste

1 T. prepared salsa

Lettuce leaves

30 round won-ton wrappers

Mango Relish (recipe follows)

In a large bowl, combine pork, onion, ginger, bell pepper and carrot. In a small bowl, dilute curry paste with 1 tablespoon water and combine with salsa. Pour curry mixture into pork mixture and blend thoroughly.

Line racks of bamboo steamer with lettuce leaves to prevent sticking. To form dumplings, place 1 teaspoon filling on each won-ton wrapper. Moisten edges with water; fold won-ton wrapper over filling to form a half moon. Moisten ends and turn up to close. Set dumplings on lettuce leaves, not allowing dumplings to touch.

When racks are full, set steamer over boiling water in a wok and steam until dumplings are cooked through and firm, 12 to 15 minutes. Let dumplings rest a few minutes before serving with Mango Relish.

Makes 30 dumplings.

Note: Dumplings can be made 2 weeks ahead, covered tightly and frozen. Do not thaw before steaming.

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