Sweet Easter Chicks

  Sweet Easter Chicks

4-5 Cups shredded coconut, divided

Yellow food coloring

2 Cups finely ground vanilla wafers

3/4-1 Cup sweetened condensed milk

28 Miniature chocolate chips

Red food leather

Orange gum drops, cut into triangles

2/3 Cup white jelly beans

Small tube white icing

Tint 1 cup coconut with yellow food coloring; process in food processor or blender until finely chopped.

Combine 2 cups coconut, cookie wafers and milk, adding more milk if necessary, to make a mixture that is easy to work but still slightly sticky.

Shape coconut mixture into twelve 1/2-inch balls and twelve 1-inch balls. Roll balls in yellow coconut to coat.

With a toothpick, secure a small ball on a large ball. On each chick, dot icing on 2 chocolate chips for eyes and press onto face; use gum drops for beak. Cut fruit leather in 1/20-inch saw-tooth shapes; press onto head for crown.

Tint remaining coconut with green food coloring and place on a serving platter or in a decorative bowl. Arrange chicks on the tinted coconut. Arrange jelly beans as eggs.


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