1. Ria Lomas says

    From your picture, I can tell that these are delicious and awesome.
    I really want to try making this sweet potato focaccia. But, I don’t understand the direction in your recipes, esp the first step… “Add 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup warm water to a mixing bowl or food processor. Mix to combine it. (I used the food processor for this recipe) Let sit for about 20 minutes until nice and bubbly.” … does that mean the mixture include yeast, olive oil and salt? I think only yeast can make bubble after mix with warm water. Thanks for your answer.

    • Mary Ellen says

      It was so good! I knew I was making the beef roast and thought it would be perfect together and it was. I actually found the recipe somewhere else with no credit and forgot to get a link. Then I traced it back to you thru Google.

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