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      Thanks Dan, I appreciate the comment. One can never have too many blueberries. Just put some in my freezer today with vanilla yogurt for a quick treat.

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    This looks Yummy! You and I have an awful lot in common Mary Ellen! Blueberries have been my very favorite fruit all my life with peaches taking a second!

  2. Jeff Rothrock says

    I made this for superbowl dessert ,was so easy to make !..and had crumbs left . a comment from a friend..”This was the best desert I have tasted in years! SOOOO GOOOD! Thanks.”…looking frwd to making that ooey gooey choc. one ! thanks again!!

  3. Donna says

    This sounds amazing, but have you made it with yellow cake mix? Not fond of lemon cake! Everything else I’d want to follow to the letter tho. All of your desserts are awesome sounding!!



  4. Laura says

    I’m going to make this & bring into work. Does it need to be refrigerated? Also, what temperature & bake time should i use for a non-glass cake pan?

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      It is better refrigerated to be safe. I would take it out a couple of hours before serving time. Bake at 350* for 60 minutes. Start checking it at 45 minutes, every 5 – 7 minutes.

  5. Leslee Robach says

    Love this cake! Thank you! Do you think it could work with fresh strawberry in place of blueberrys?

  6. vickie mcdaniel says

    When you combine the cake mix ingredients do you follow the directions on the box–blend 30 seconds then beat for two minutes–or do you beat it just til combined? I don’t want it to come out tough or rubbery. Thanks.

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      Don’t follow the directions on the box. Follow the ones I gave in the recipe. The cake layer is really thick. Spread it out over the bottom of the pan. Then do the remaining layer.

  7. Lindawati says

    look very yummy , I like to try it , but from the place that I live here in Australia , there is no
    cake lemon mix available, so how to replace it ? Thanks a lot.

    • says

      Do you have yellow cake mixes? I’d add lemon juice and some zest to it in place of some of the water. Not know what you have makes it hard to tell you exactly.

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