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    There’s nothing like sweet potato pie at Thanksgiving, and yours sounds delicious! Thanks for joining us for Let’s Get Social Sunday! I am now following you on FB, Google+, and Twitter.

    Hope you have a great week,

    Love, Joy

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    This looks delicious! I LOVE sweet potato pie but have not attempted to make it myself yet. Growing up I had never heard of it until moving to North Carolina a couple years ago, and then quickly found out what I was missing. Thanks for posting this recipe, looks like all I have to do is buy some sweet potatoes and I’m good to go!!

    • Mary Ellen says

      You are, it is so similar to making a pumpkin pie. I hadn’t heard of it either while I was growing up, it was always pumpkin pie.

  3. Elizabeth says

    “Sweet potatoes are grown on vines and yams are a tuberous vegetable.”

    Sorry, but, not true. Sweet potatoes are a tubar, just like yams; and yes, they are from completely different plant families. You can read more by doing an ixquick search (I don’t google) or use wikipedia, if you prefer. Just always keep in mind that wikipedia is ALL reader-content posted.

    The lighter colored sweet potatoes were likely NOT allowed to “harden off” before shipping to market. Sweet potatoes, once dug up, must harden off for at least a month before they are ready to eat. This allows the sugars to develop properly in the fruit, and they will deepen in color as they harden off.

    Love your recipe collection, BTW!!

    • Mary Ellen says

      Hi Elizabeth…. I didn’t get the info from Wikipedia, it was the New York Times actually. I was actually questioning it as I wrote it so thanks for the correction. I decided to remove that line of text just so no one gets confused.

  4. Marcelete says

    Your sweet potato pie looks Wonderful! I love to cook and bake however I only follow recipes and are fearful in making changes. Now being a G.R.I.T.S girl (Girl Raised In The South – actually a Native to Tallahassee) your pie reminded me so much of my Grandmom’s but she never put nutmeg in her pie’s. Am I OK omitting the nutmeg? Thanks a million for any help! I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner with the In-Laws of 30 people and they are going to want Sweet Potato pie(s).

  5. says

    I figure there are two people in the world, the ones who have had sweet potato pie and the ones that look at you like you’re a weirdo when you bring it up. But that’s only because they haven’t had it yet 🙂 Your pie looks divine! Thanks for sharing at Link It or Lump It!

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